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Keegan Electric can design and install a Solar PV system to suit your electrical needs.

I will provide my customers a comprehensive understanding of a 100% Solar Photovoltaic (Solar PV) system. The Enphase Microinverters that I use, also has available batteries to store your electricity at night or during a blackout.

SDG&E plans on raising their rates up 40%. There is no limit to what they can charge you in the years to come. Don’t be dependent on another source for your power. Why should you continue to buy power from SDG&E who keeps increasing their prices and never lowers them? Start making your own power now!

Keegan Electric is offering you a chance to install a top of the line Solar PV system at a reasonable price. Everything is included in the estimate, no hidden fees.

  • Free site inspection/analysis and estimate
  • Guaranteed to beat any written solar estimate
  • Custom design your Solar PV system and installation
  • Limited 25 year warranty on Solar panels and Enphase Microinverters
  • 30% Federal tax credit
  • System can pay for itself within 5-7 years
  • Increases the value of your home now and for future re-sale
  • Electric bill elimination and/or offset
  • SDG&E will credit you with any excess power you don’t use
  • Ability to save the power the panels produce  for your own use
Keegan Electric can provide any type of inverters or panels the customer may want to use.
Most solar companies give an estimate using a String Inverter that have only a limited 10 year warranty. Keegan Electric prefers the Enphase Microinverters.
Microinverter vs. String Inverters comparison chart

Enphase Microinverters.

Keegan Electric always uses proven products, like Enphase microinverters, which are backed by a limited 25 year warranty. These industry leading inverters let you monitor your solar electrical output on a daily basis by smart phone, tablet, and/or computer. Enphase Microinverters are a much safer way to power your house because they eliminate the fire hazards of DC voltage. These inverters attach to each of your solar panels and operate independently. In a conventional (string) inverter an underpowered panel would affect the rest of the panels in that string. Enphase microinverters eliminate this possibility and maximize your energy output.

LG Solar Panels.

Another leader in the industry is LG Solar Panels. They have unsurpassed performance and also have a limited 25year warranty. With their wattage options, different size panel availability, and over all value, LG Solar Panels are the best choice out there.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why not lease my solar system instead of buying it?
– When you lease a solar system the company you’re leasing from will own your system and can choose to use less quality components but charge you a higher cost anyway. Plus, you have to own your solar system to qualify for the Federal Tax Credit of 30%.
I have trees on one side of my house that partially shades the roof in the morning. Will I have to cut them down? Will shade covering some of the panels affect the entire system?
– That’s why Keegan Electric prefers to use microinverters over the most common string inverters. Any shade hitting panels that have string inverters will hamper the entire solar system. Whereas the Microinverter system works independently of one another.
Visit the products page to learn more and read the product spec sheets.


Keegan Electric, Inc. is a local and veteran owned company in Santee, CA. Providing Solar PV installations and Electrical Panel upgrades throughout the greater San Diego area.

Top quality solar and electrical services for residential and commercial properties.

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